365 Writing Prompts – Day 33

February 3, 2017 – Real news articles that would make a great novel

01. Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men

I’ve been following this one for about a year. Sometimes, I’m 100% convinced that it’s a serial killer, and other times, I wonder if it could be just a bizarre series of coincidences.

02. Human feet still washing up on shore along the Pacific Northwest

Cathy and I first read about this in 2010, and actually started outlining a story. I still have all our notes, links, and rough drafts, but can’t get anywhere with it.

Just for fun, here is the obligatory Tom Hardy / Taboo Reference

This is where the feet are being found.

03. The Blue Moon Killer

Alas, the witchcraft angle was dispelled rather quickly, but I really wanted it to be true. I didn’t really believe it was witchcraft, but some of the weird stuff we hear about in other parts of the world, it just sounded intriguing and out of the ordinary.

04. Man Beheaded on Bus

As horrible as this is, I couldn’t help but notice the Highlander tie in, the witness who gave a statement was named Caton, it was like back in the days of ATH and our months long threads.

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